Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MPAA Rating and Parental Complacency 2

Remember MPAA Rating and Parental Complacency, the post that propelled Bad Mom to the top of the Google search engine rankings for "parental complacency"? Unlike some of her playmates, Iris has seen things that are not rated G. In fact, she has seen many PG and some PG-13 movies.

She has even been lobbying to be allowed to watch R-rated movies. "It will be fine because you know I don't repeat bad words." I wonder how much she has seen already? Mark has quite the DVD collection (that list is badly outdated). He's seen and rated over 1000 movies in his Netflix profile. We don't lock up any of the movies around our house. She knows how to work the TV/DVD player and also how to watch DVDs on the computer when she doesn't want to watch what Mark is watching. Hmm.

Their latest obsession is the new Battlestar Galactica series (rated TV-14). Mark loves the political intrigue and the hot women. (In space, everyone is much better looking.) Iris loves it because of the references to Greek mythology. Battlestar Galactica is definitely not a kids' show and only very bad, lax parents would allow their children to watch it. We told her not to talk about the show at school lest any of the other parents find out how bad we really are.

When I found out that I made #1 for "parental complacency" in 2006, I emailed all my friends to type the phrase into the Google search engine and then click through. Alas, I did not have enough friends and I lost the distinction in a day. I need more friends.

Mark says that, at least, he didn't show The Omega Man to a 4 year old like someone we know.


  1. I'm watching BSG at the moment, it's great. And at least in season 1, I haven't come across anything I think would be particularly damaging to a smart kid.

  2. Eila's favourite show is The Simpsons. She seems to find it a refreshing change from the super-sweet, all clean fare usually offered to kids on TV. I worry sometimes about what it could do to her 5 year old mind, but I'm pretty sure she's smart enough to sort out the bad role models from the good.

    I don't usually tell people that I let her watch it.

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  4. Iris loves the Simpson's too. It is her Sunday evening ritual with her daddy. If you asked her, shortly before her 3rd birthday, the name of her favorite movie, she would have replied, "Chicago". She knows Velma is bad, but she sure can sing and dance.

    And she loved the long black coat with fake fur trim. She called it her Velma Kelly coat.

  5. Anonymous14:23

    Growing up in Sweden, the movie ratings were a little different. Sexual content didn't necessarily get an adult rating while scary/violent movies did. I was able to see Flashdance in the theaters but didn't see ET until I was an adult. Looking back, I don't think I understood it very well, but it's interesting to see what differenct countries try to shield their children from.