Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beachcombing in Zanzibar

is a higher yield activity than in LA.
The view from our balcony at our last hotel, high tide and sunset.
And at low tide in the morning.
Our last morning, I woke up, stepped out to the balcony, and saw three men bring their boat perilously close to shore. They dragged the day's catch out, one by one.
They might have brought the smaller fish out in twos and threes.
None of the tourists who went out on the 'sport-fishing' tours caught anything. They must not be fishing at the same times and places as the professional fishermen. We saw some really large fish being hauled in. One marlin took three men to drag ashore.

Another night, we walked along the beach and some guys flagged Mark down and invited us to supper. They had four fish (three varieties) on a table. We picked our fish and they would BBQ it right there and serve the fillet with rice, chips (like french fries) and grilled veggies.

We tried black runner, suli suli and dorado. All were delicious. I don't know how they managed to put a different (and complementary) sauce on each fish, but we weren't complaining. They charged us 10,000 Tanzania shillings per person, about $7. They even went to the store and bought a candle to place on the table they set up on the beach.

Union Beach cafe is set back a bit from the beach, but they put the tables out on the beach when the tide is right. It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to wear your political sensibility on your sleeve (or business sign).

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  1. It looks like an amazing vacation. Those shells are beautiful. We get excited here if we find a complete sand dollar!


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