Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't miss the SBQG Quilt Show

If you are in the SoCal area, consider yourself invited to the South Bay Quilters' Guild 2012 Quilt show. It will be held in the Torrance Cultural Arts Center February 18-19, 2012. Even if you can't attend, consider buying a raffle ticket to win our gorgeous 2012 opportunity quilt, Floral Fantasy.

Members' quilts will be on view. In addition to the raffle quilt, there will be dozens of smaller auction quilts. The proceeds all go towards our philanthropic activities.

Consider combining your visit with sight-seeing and/or shopping in Torrance. Torrance has so much cachet in Tokyo, this t-shirt is sold out in all but one size.

Actually, this is not completely tongue in cheek. Torrance-Gardena is home to the largest Japanese-American community in the US and the town has a distinctly Pacific Rim flavor. You can get food and goods in Torrance that isn't generally available outside of Japan. Add the beach and surf culture and more Japanese kids have heard of Torrance than kids that live as few as 50 miles away.

We once hosted an international scientist of Japanese descent at work. We asked him what he wanted to see. He took out a map and said, "I understand you are very close to Torrance."

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