Monday, February 11, 2013

Found at our local Goodwill thrift shop

We do NOT live in Texas.

I can guess why the previous owner of this shirt had decided to get rid of it.  I  just wonder why s/he thinks anyone else will want it.

I volunteer three days a week as a math tutor at a nearby middle school.  For the honor of giving my time away, I am required to be fingerprinted and undergo a routine background check (that took 2 weeks), and pay $56 in administrative fees.

Am I crazy for thinking that it should take longer to get a gun than to volunteer at a school?

This T-shirt is definitely NOT in the catalogs that Cabela's ships to California.  But, after seeing this shirt, I've decided to stop shopping at Cabela's.  I'm not sure if I even want to keep my Cabela's Gore-tex suit.  It just makes me feel icky.


  1. "He who has the biggest gun is in control" says ALL we need to know about the gun fanatics. Bullies. People full of fear. My son is a champion sharpshooter. He was heavily recruited by the military; scholarships were offered. He declined everything. "Just because I'm a good shot, that doesn't mean I want to shoot people." Exactly. He's no bully. Cabelas should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. I love your label for this post, "bullshit." That label could just as well be applied to the many excuses gun fanatics use in arguing against gun control.


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