Saturday, June 29, 2013

The demise of Google Reader

What are you using instead?

I've tried several, but find idiosyncrasies in each one that I don't like.

Right now, I find Feedly and The Old Reader the least irritating.  TOR is a real shoestring operation and their servers are swamped.  Consider sending them a donation so that they can add servers.  It looks the most promising (for the way I like to use RSS readers, YMMV).

I also signed up for Bloglovin and claimed my blog, but I am not sure I recommend that service.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

After spending an evening trying all 3 services, none of them do what GR did.  Why, oh why, can't they just allow us to pay to use Google Reader instead of canceling it?


  1. I'm using Newsblur - and ignoring all the social features. It brought over all of my Google Reader feeds perfectly, and maintained my folders. I chose this service because a) the owner/coder had already build his own engine and didn't rely on Google Reader, so the service wouldn't be scrambling to develop a new backend, and b) it's a paid service. My RSS reader is important enough to me, I am willing to pay and hopefully help develop a service that's in it for the long haul (whatever THAT is in this digital age...).

  2. I'm using Bloglovn but I find it's not letting me engage with the sites that are listed. Don't know what I need to change in the settings.
    To be honest I never used RSS but followed blogs on my blog through blogger. But now I'm experimenting to see what's going to be useful in future.

  3. @scifiknitter
    You bring up a good point. If you don't pay for a service, then you are the product.

  4. I have been using Feeddler, and really love it. It allows me to tag and star items, so I can save tutorials, etc, and keep my saved posts Ina retrievable format. They just switched to a few different feeds to replace Google Reader; I'm pretty happy wit h BazQux, for which I will probably pay $2 a month.
    Plus the developer is really prompt about responding to my questions.
    I also like Feeddler because it is the closest to Google Reader in the layout: not a lot of fancy stuff, but clear and direct viewing.l

  5. Just posting again so I can get follow-up comments! Sorry!

  6. Tried a few and The Old Reader is the winner.

  7. the other one that looks interesting is from a developer, here.

    GR is still working for me this morning, hm.

    Otherwise I might follow Janne into a self-served reader using <a href=">TinyTinyRSS</a>

    though I'm not sure if I have the bowels and time to set all that up..

  8. I use You can make a journal and then add or make RSS feeds of sites you like and add them to your reading list.


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