Friday, August 09, 2013

Yipes, stripes!

Emboldened by my past success with the top from Vogue 1020 and inspired by Trena's gorgeous striped version, I decided to make my own.

Front, back and side.  No makeup.  Hair pulled back with a clip.

I am amazed I found time last month to make this dress.  I have little energy left to write about it.  Just look at my old review, Vogue Pattern Magic.  It's the same, but longer.  Can you tell I am proud of the stripe matching?

Cotton/lycra jersey from SAS Fabrics.  Silk selvedge used as stay tape.  A banded neckline instead of the turned under and stitched one in the pattern instructions.  Double needle hems.  Vilene fusible tape to reinforce the shoulder line.  My first experience with Vilene and I can already tell that we will have a long and wonderful relationship.

In real life, it's blue/gray with black stripes.  I bought a black Eileen Fisher linen cardigan that completes the outfit.

I like it.  Bad Dad loves it.  It's just interesting enough not to bore me, but it doesn't scream "look at me".  I feel so comfortable in this, I'm willing to post au naturale photos of me .and. my daughter's room.  OK, I did crop out some of the mess.


  1. Anonymous06:23

    Lovely dress! I like how the stripes go from bias at the shoulder to straight grain at the hip. Also, your stripe matching at the side seam is impressive.

  2. That dress looks amazing on you. I made sure to point out the stripe matching when I showed it to my daughter,who immediately said, "Mom, make me one"

  3. wow I love it and you look great.

  4. I love that dress too. Glad you'll be able to enjoy wearing it.

  5. I rarely comment on your sewing, but I'll make and exception to say it looks great.

  6. "Bad Dad loves it." Ha! I am not crazy about my two versions of this dress because I feel like they're just a little too fitted, but the boyfriend LOVES them. LOVES. They get a lot of wear on date nights in cold weather. I can definitely see why your husband is into it--you look great in this!


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