Saturday, August 16, 2014

Leaving Work

It takes me a while to get started sometimes. But, when I am in the middle of something, I lose track of time until I finish. I left work late one evening, and the sky was so pretty; I chased down a couple of hikers in the parking lot to ask them to take a photo of the sky with me and my recent makes.
The sky was pretty in the other direction, too.
I wore the Papyrus Lace Cardigan Version 2, Vogue 8392 Version 2, Vogue 1247 Version 2.

I gave away the first Vogue 1247 skirt because I wasn't happy with the waistband and my middle-aged waist.  I gave it to a thinner friend and made a new one for myself with a faced waistband.  I also added a bit extra on the side, but found that I need to take out all the width that I put in.  I'll post the pattern mods and the inside pictures soon.  The cardigan and skirt were made with 100% preconsumer waste and the top was made with 100% postconsumer waste (except for thread and interfacing).


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    1. It's so great to hear from you again. What are you knitting these days?

    2. Anonymous21:11

      You to. I have been mostly spinning and dyeing designing fibre although I am learning how to make socks.


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