Thursday, May 14, 2015

Me Made May 2015 Day 14

I made my top using Vogue 1071 and a remnant of yummy cotton lawn that I purchased from Poppy Fabrics when I was an undergrad at Berkeley. It only took me 20+ years to sew up the piece.

I did not make my pants, socks, or shoes.

This Calvin Klein for Vogue Patterns top takes very little fabric.  I've made this view three times.  I made another view, but, sent it to Goodwill. Poor fabric choice and my inexperience (years ago) with bias edges in rayon crepe made a real mess.

I think that one of the hardest aspects of learning to sew (or knit) is pairing an appropriate fabric (or yarn) and pattern.  What did you find most difficult as a newbie?

In the background, I'm screening Precision and Accuracy in Geodetic Surveying, which uses surveying to teach the difference between precision and accuracy in general.

Lately, I've been thinking and writing a lot about geophysical data formats and metadata standards. To procrastinate do research, I see how others do it.  ;-)


  1. Nice top - and fun video. I learned something, so this has been a good day.

    All of my Me Made May activities are knitting, and I'm doing some technical stretching this month - knitting a small project from a silk cap where you draw out a layer of silk fibers and create your yarn as you go, and knitting a project using lever knitting.

  2. If there's anyone that I know who does research well is you Grace. And your articles are always informative to me.
    I like your top.

    My earliest sewing projects were usually basics paired with the wrong fabrics. Now I can pair fabrics and patterns better but the old me sneaks in sometimes.

  3. choosing the fabrics is the biggest challenge for me. I'm getting better now, but I still make mistakes

  4. Cute and informative video. I think pairing pattern and fabric was the most difficult thing when I was starting out. But I also have to say that at least one mistaken pairing -- fabric not suitable for dress -- became one of my favorites because it looked good on me despite my mistake -- the results were not at all what the designer intended, and it taught me something, both about what looked good on me and why, and about challenging assumptions.