Thursday, July 02, 2015

Sous Vide Asian Cajun

Bad Dad took edX's Science & Cooking class and became curious about Sous Vide cooking.  On the way to the airport, we stopped by The Asian Cajun for a (Vietnamese take on the Cajun) crawfish boil.
Bag as evidence of Sous Vide technique.

Out of the bag and ready to eat. 
The NY Times mentioned this Vietnamese-Cajun style in Summer Seafood Boils Take on Local Flavor.  There are enough Cajun and Vietnamese transplants in Denver to pack this joint.  Both times I ate there (because you have to get the crawfish when they are in season), they were doing a brisk business.

Ironically, the African American family from Louisiana (the other LA) at a neighboring table told us the Vietnamese food at the Asian Cajun is really good.  I'll wait to try that some time when crawfish is not in season.

You can choose mild, medium and spicy.  I went with two genuine Cajuns the first time; they ordered medium, but found it a tad too spicy.  I ordered between mild and medium and it was just right (for me).

If anyone wants to meet for a meal at the Asian Cajun, combined with shopping at Colorado Fabrics and Tattered Cover, I'm in.

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