Thursday, September 03, 2015

Vogue 1146 Glamorous Loungewear

I am not sure why I purchased this pattern. I'm sure it wasn't to make sleepwear.
However, the one seam pant has been my go-to PJ pants and shorts for the last 20 years.
Last week, I made a pair for DD out of the remnant leftover from another flannel nightgown that was worn to rags.  I had one large remnant and one scrap of the little violet flowers.  My friend gave me another scrap of flannel with bears.  The remnant measured only half the recommended yardage.  Some spatial thinking helped me devise a solution.
I stitched the scraps to the remnant, then serged, then topstitched the joins to flatten them.
The Vogue 1146 PJ tradition extends to another generation.

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