Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fashion Flackage

No, not flack jackets as fashion statement.  Flackage is Kevin Roderick's term for the practice of PR flack/flak.  Sometimes, all it takes for me to see something is to give a name to it.

Remember the infamous piece about first lady and partner in human rights atrocities Asma al-Assad in Vogue? (Link goes to a thorough article in the Atlantic about the back story.)  Click through to read about how the piece was 'placed' by PR operatives working for Assad.

This month, Harper's Bazaar has a splashy spread about Melania Trump, the immigrant wife of the nativist running for the US presidency.  Actually, I think that the Donald is quite a bit more than a nativist, but I need to step away from the keyboard now.

In other PR flackage news, Charlotte Rampling's PR flaks earned their pay trying to rescue their client from a disastrous interview and non-apology with a story in the NY Times about her style.  When you can't say anything nice about the person, talk about her clothes...

Let's talk about nice things. Did you see this Preen dress in the Guardian's London Fashion Week coverage?  I have nowhere to wear a silk chiffon dress, but I love it.


  1. Anonymous08:28

    The dress is gorgeous. It could be made as a coat which would give more versatility.
    The link to the Vogue Assad article is not to be found.
    Thank you for introducing the word "flackage".
    Vancouver Barbara

  2. Yup, Vogue and Assad's henchmen have done a good job of erasing that content from the web. But, the link to the Atlantic article about the incident is very good in exposing the background and aftermath. I hope you read it.


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