Friday, September 23, 2005

Sudoku ate our household

We were blissfully ignorant about Sudoku until Sandra Tsing Loh's NPR piece about it. Why, oh why, didn't we turn off the radio? DH searched through the recycling bin for a puzzle and became hooked immediately; he has an obsessive personality. I looked over his shoulder and helped him fill out a few squares. Fast forward and our marriage suffers as he beats me to the LAT puzzle morning after morning.

For our anniversary, I bought him Will Shortz's Sudoko 2 and asked him not to write the solutions in the book. He saved the marriage by creating a printable blank Sudoko template.

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  1. I swear we had sudoku in grade school as one of those "keep your mouths shut for half an hour and do this worksheet while I grade papers" assignments. However, it didn't have billboards to announce that it was the "craze sweeping the nation" so it wasn't fun.

    I have yet to solve one of the modern incarnations because I see my friends wasting away from addiction one by one.


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