Sunday, June 10, 2007

Huntington Gardens

The fiber demo was a bit of a bust. We watched volunteers spin and card wool, angora and silk--but no plant fibers. We asked where we could see the dyeing demo. Dyeing? That was only yesterday. Today, we are not doing any of that. Sigh. The schedule did not make that clear.

Iris and I did see an indigo plant at left (with the pink flowers). The yellow composite is chamomile.

After we saw the rose garden in its full June glory, we headed over to explore the new children's garden. See the child-sized gate?

Getting Iris out of that garden was difficult, especially with the dangerous characters roaming in the garden.

Have you ever seen an artichoke at this stage of development? It sure looks like a thistle now. Bees were abundant, I am happy to report.

Inspired by Deb, I pointed my camera upwards.

Afterwards, we went to the Pasadena playhouse district for dinner and browsing at Vroman's bookstore. I even paid full price for The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, an impulse buy.

This is how Iris asks for more tortillas at El Porto, a Yucatan-style Mexican restaurant we favor. Mark and Iris saw Shrek the Third yesterday. She calls it her "Puss in Boots" eyes. Do you think it worked?


  1. Anonymous09:35

    Too bad about missing the dye demonstration. I like the artichoke. One year my dad convinced my mom to plan a row of artichokes in the front yard (they were in a new house) along the curb. They did look too much like thistles; the neighbors, and my mom, were not thrilled. After the first harvest they were not replaced.

  2. Oh, my, gosh! Those Puss in boots eyes are sooo cute! Now, when she's little. I've got one 14 that does those eyes -look out! ;0)
    Great artichoke shots from below. They would make a great beautiful intarsia or batik patterns.
    I wish I could grow artichokes in this climate (Albuquerque).
    Happy knitting.

  3. Love these photos of the garden, and the up-angle on the flowers. Very nice.


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