Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off to Camp We Go

I can't believe that we leave in less than two days. I have so much left to do before we go! Add house guests, delivery of our new (to us) car, end of year school activities, a deadline for submittal of our research proposals for the next fiscal year, a semiannual progress report for another project, and a new computer (with a switch of operating systems) at work; there are not enough hours in the day.

What got over me, volunteering to give the fireside talk next week (to explain what we do and do not know about global warming/climate change)? I must have been nuts. I need my superhero powers now.

Mark volunteered to start packing up the minivan after Iris' school concert and registering the new car tomorrow afternoon. So I am leaving him the link to my unofficial Lair packing list. While he is at it, he should check the official Lair packing list.

I need to add my hiking sticks to the packing list. My orthopedicist was not kidding. They are a must have for long hikes. Will there be enough room in the minivan after we put the tandem and Iris' tagalong bike for some PVC pipes? I want to try Shibori at the craft shack.

BTW, friends about to move cross country offered to sell us their barely used Prius with carpool lane stickers at an awesome price. While we are grateful to find such a wonderful replacement for our creaky 1994 Saturn wagon, we will miss them. Now we can be drive to Whole Foods in a Prius just like everyone else. Maybe I will even wear my Birkenstocks. ;-)

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    Have a fabulous time! Enjoy Bear camp!



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