Sunday, January 27, 2008

Horror Movie

Do kids like to be scared? Iris certainly likes the Goosebumps books.

Today, Iris told me that she would like to work on her Corn Snake report at my sewing table. I was so relieved that she actually consented to work on it at all, I agreed. When I wandered in an hour later to iron a scarf, this ensued.

"Oh my god, Iris! What have you done to my sewing room?"

"I don't see anything."

"I am going to blow up very soon. If I were you, I would not want to be anywhere near me when that happens. And take all your stuff with you."

Gathers up her papers and pencils and runs screaming from the room in mock horror movie fashion. Because we are really bad parents, Mark shows her R-rated movies. She knows how to scream and run in horror movie fashion.

Now I have to mail order another box of those long, ferrous round head pins for the magnetic pin cushion. Why can't she practice pin bending with the cheap pins? Or unraveling the cheap thread instead of the ones imported from Europe? I had to admit, making fake cobwebs by unraveling thread all over the sewing room gives it a real horror movie set atmosphere. She does not lack for imagination.


  1. Have you thought about giving her a special drawer in your craft room for her own supplies? She'll need permission to dig into yours.

    Knowing Iris, that won't stop her from using your good stuff, but it just might slow her down a bit.

  2. She has her special shelves. But she is not going to allow herself to be limited. Her stuff also gets spread around everywhere, to the point where I can't see the floor any more.

    It is easy to forget she is only 7 because of her vocabulary. But she is sometimes a 7 yo spirited scamp.


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