Sunday, January 13, 2008

Knitting in New Zealand

I finished the Mini-Tulip Skirt during our trip. (Iris demanded mommy and me butt-skirts when she saw mine.) As you can see, it looks super-cute in 2/3 scale. Altering the pattern for a smaller size is not a problem. But, I rarely make the same pattern twice because it bores me. Hence, there are more mistakes in the second version than the first.

Iris wants you to see the front of the skirt, too.

She was so excited, she was inspired to put on a fashion/yarn show the last night of our stay in Auckland. There was an embarrassing amount of yarn at that show. I brought an overly optimistic selection of projects to knit during the trip, and I kept adding the the stash during our travels.

I bought 1.2 kilograms of 1o ply felted merino for a sweater for Mark and 150 grams of merino/cashmere for Iris and a shawl pin for myself at the Woolshed in Akaroa. (Prices are 25% cheaper at the store than on-line, but no airfare required.) I also bought some handpainted super-kid/merino 2 ply for a small shawl at Masco Wools in Auckland.

I showed great restraint at several other yarn shops. But then I found a store with a pile of Bamboo/Cotton and Corn yarns in Roturua at fantastic (by US standards) prices. Restraint went out the window. Mark looked at my bag and told me that I was responsible for packing the yarns for the flight home.

One of our hosts, Geoff, selected some cobalt blue merino/possum fur yarn near the beginning of our trip, in Akaroa. I knit a scarf-size Clapotis for him. Note that it matches his eyes.

Our second to last day, we visited downtown Auckland and his office. His job is to fund alternative transport projects to entice kiwis out of their cars. How cool is that?

He is also the enabler that showed me Masco wools.


  1. It sounds like a great trip!

    New Zealand has some cool stuff going on right now. We watch a tv show called "Wasted" out of NZ. It's a really cool and educational show.

  2. Ooooh! Iris' little butt skirt is sooo adorable! Where's mommy's butt skirt?

  3. Anonymous12:08

    Oooh - Masco Downtown - I never get out of there without buying yarn!

    I'm really glad you enjoyed your trip to NZ and made the most of the knitting opportunities too!

    Cheers, Mel in NZ


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