Friday, January 18, 2008

Milford Sound Multimedia

We got stuck behind the tour bus that caught on fire on the road from Milford Sound. By the time we arrived, the passengers had all been evacuated and the bus driver had already walked up the hill to the emergency phone by the tunnel. The engine fire was still small enough that a volunteer in another camper van thought he might be able to put it out. We gave up our camper's kitchen fire extinguisher to the effort. But the fire quickly got out of hand. There was nothing to do but wait for the bus fire to exhaust itself. It was pretty dramatic when the gas tanks exploded, one by one. It was even more exciting when the emergency brake cables burned and the bus started rolling downhill, towards us. Fortunately, it went completely off the road and didn't hurt anyone.

After it was safe to pass, we drove back to Te Anau (which is surprisingly nice for a tourist town and worth a visit). Look at the lupine! Iris did a happy dance.

So tall.

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