Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bloomsday 2010

I have been remiss in reporting milestones in our microclimate. When we returned from our trip to NYC, we were greeted by a cereus in full bloom. It looked like the flower had been open for 24+ hours. (The blooms on this plant tend to last 2 nights.) So the first cereus bloom of 2010 was April 16-17. It was April 28 last year.

The same orchid pictured in Bloomsday 2009 bloomed later, and the flowers are dropping earlier.

The columbines have come and gone.

The irises popped open around May 17, which puts them on par with last year.

Iris harvested our first strawberries last week.  That's behind 2007, but we also planted them later.  They never made it into the house.  She ate them without washing, while walking the 10 feet from the garden to the dining room.  I am glad that our veggies are 'unsprayed'.

Notice the general messiness of our kitchen garden?  That's called natural pest control.  The garlic chives and green onions are supposed to ward off insects.

We also have new dresses, both from current Burda patterns.
The sleeves puff out like little flowers.


  1. Our flowers are spectacular this spring - I think the tons of snow have made the plants really appreciate warmer weather. The birds have eaten all my cherries, but I have high hopes for my saucer peaches and apples. Your dresses are lovely. I have finally been able to sew after being too ill for a long while. I really missed it

  2. I absolutely adore the grey dress!

  3. The dresses are lovely, and I adore yours. I've been bad about the flower photos, and ours have been spotty, some doing far better than average and others not so well. My lone poppy bloomed today after the all the other buds and most of the plants were stricken in a late frost 10 days ago.