Sunday, May 09, 2010

When it pays to procrastinate

I read in a decorating book that you can expect to decorate a child's room three times--before they are born, when they are a young child and can express their own preference, and again when they hit their teens.

When we bought the house, we painted all the walls a creamy white.  When I was pregnant, we painted the bottom half of the walls in the nursery periwinkle blue and I stamped some graphic designs above that.

We've been very busy and have put off repainting Iris' room to gold, her favorite color.

This week, she told me that gold/yellow is no longer her favorite color.  It is now blue or purple.  Actually, it is the color between blue and purple; she thinks it is called periwinkle.


  1. Procrastination pays off once more! I like periwinkle better than gold too :)

  2. Hey, that's exactly what we did, although the teen change happened not when they hit their teens, but some time afterwards. I'm sure they were embarrassed to have their friends visit them in their rooms with Holly Hobby in one and circus clowns in the other.