Friday, October 07, 2011

Byron Lars

This post is for sewing geek goddess Carolyn, who shared her delightful new BIG-pocketed skirt today.

I once saw clothes in a boutique with four sleeves--two where they normally go and two more growing out of the side seams to tie as a sash. The label said Byron Lars. Imagine my delight when Vogue Patterns started offering some of his designs in the mid 1990s. Sadly, they are different from the ones I saw in the boutique. These are the two I have in my collection, Vogue 1419 and 1529, circa 1994 and 1995 respectively.

You can find lots more on Flickr, Ebay and Etsy.

I, too, am working on my own skirt with BIG pockets. Actually, they are sleeve-sized.
I'm still playing around with the design, trying to incorporate the shirt collars and sleeves.
I found two identical shirts at Goodwill. I didn't like the original Kelly green and white check, so I over-dyed it with turquoise. I found some turquoise washed rayon challis and a remnant of silk/cotton jacquard in the same lovely color in my collection. There are definitely possibilities here.


  1. I love that color - things are looking interesting so far - in a good way :)

  2. Your new skirt looks like it will be amazing! I love the dye job...
    Those patterns do look really lovely, and I'm sure it would be pretty easy to extend those sashes and put a cuff on the ends. That way you could re-create the spirit of the Byron Lars creations that inspired you! That would be fabulous, I think!

  3. So clever to turn sleeves into pockets!

  4. That skirt is going to be really cool! I hope you show us the finished version.

    Now I have to go dig out my Byron Lars patterns and look at them a few minutes -- my inspiration break for the day.

  5. Is this finished? I can't wait to see how it turned out! I had skirts I bought in Korean way back a couple decades ago, with huge pockets. I LOVED them!

  6. @Jomama
    No, sadly I got sidetracked with other projects. Or, you can say that I put it aside while I pondered design decisions.


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