Thursday, August 23, 2012

Staged Fight

They aren't really fighting. It only looks that way because I saw the two carcasses lying in the sand close to one another and thought they looked like two creatures from a B horror movie.  So I staged a mock fight between them.

BTW, the picture above was taken at Limantour Beach, part of Point Reyes National Seashore.  From the beach, I also saw puffins fishing offshore.  I had to use binoculars to see that the black birds were, indeed, puffins with bright blue heads and yellow beaks.

We spent a lovely two days at a friend's cabin.  Here's the view from the deck where we sat reading side by side.

We crossed CA Hwy 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, on our way between the cabin and Pt Reyes.  I mentioned that it's possible to follow PCH all the way home.  The cabin and our house are both about a mile east of PCH, but hundreds of miles of coastline apart.

On our way up to the cabin, we were able to stop and meet Shams for lunch.  While I was in the restroom, TFN* confessed to Shams that she was nervous about spending two days in a small cabin alone with me without wi-fi.

I am happy to report that we got along very well.  If she wanted to eat chocolate cake for dinner, I let her.  I wasn't going to let an argument ruin my relaxation.  I suspect (hope?) she played up the tension for comic effect.  Or to manipulate me into letting her eat junk food.  Whatever.

BTW, on the beach, she showed me how to stage fight.  Only she said I did it wrong.

* Shams renamed her TFN.  We are not sure what that means but, some days, the Urban Dictionary's TFN definition #2 rings true.

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  1. Wow, gorgeous cabin!

    NO NO! I would *never* refer to such a sweetie with such an acronym!!!! She told me about something she likes with those initials. Oh dear! I'll give you another guess before I tell you.


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