Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dye Pot

It's actually a yogurt container sitting in a sunny window.  Dyeing deep blue colors is tricky, but heat helps promote dye uptake.  I knew that the ultra-hot weather was good for something.  Here's midnight blue in the dye pot.
I also redyed some RTW navy pants to darken it back to its original color. My sister taught me that a plunger is a great way to stir goods in the dye bath. I bought this Lucite and rubber plunger from Kurt Hardware. It looks so different from the one we use for plumbing, I'm hoping that Bad Dad won't get them confused. ;-)
After a couple of washes, here's the Belgian linen yarn from Twist from the small dye pot set against undyed Belgian linen cloth the same color as the undyed yarn.
Playing with color and texture on my worktable today.


  1. That is a beautiful blue. I've never dyed anything before but it looks fun

  2. that is beautiful.

    I haven't dyed anything since high school chemistry (we mixed dye and made soap and that was about it). It is one of the things I am looking forward to trying.


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