Friday, June 07, 2013

Blue Gift Set

Our guest and I did bust out the serger to make this outfit for his girlfriend. He needed to bring home something nice to assuage his guilt for going on a road trip/vacation while she stayed home to work.

A remnant I picked up at Fabrix during PR Weekend seemed just her style.  I paired it with Kwik Sew 2874, a basic raglan shirt pattern I have sewn at least 5 times.  We used the lower neckline of View C with the shaped hemline of View B and truncated the sleeves to just above the elbow.
While we were at it, I grabbed another piece from Fabrix, a navy cotton pique knit, and made a shaped pencil skirt using the skirt portion of Vogue 1224.  That dress is scandalously short so I lengthened it 5-6" to 23" long to end just above her knees.  The skirt pieces are ingeniously shaped to curve around the hips and peg at the hem to exactly the right width to appear perfectly straight.  It's like wearing the Parthenon columns (Art History humor).

The recipient is unfairly tall and slim with big shoulders, small hips and long legs.  I cut the top in size medium and the skirt in size 12.

Another gratuitous shot just to show how nicely the two fabrics pair.  He says that I made him look like a ridiculously good boyfriend.  He's a ridiculously good friend so it was a pleasure to make him look good at home.

I tried on the skirt and it fit so nicely (with 0 ease), I made another one for myself.  So I did get something out of it.

If you are keeping score, I've now sewn four of the pieces I picked up at PR Weekend.

The outfit looked vaguely familiar.  Then I realized that I had previously paired KS2847 and V1224 to Frankenpattern the dress I wore in Unschooling.  Myrna may be interested in reading that post that because Iris wore Vogue 8936, a dress that she wants to make.


  1. I like how you placed the print on the top; very flattering.

  2. And she looks fabulous in it. Thanks for the link.

  3. @LHC I had a tense moment when I unrolled the remnant at home and realized that it had such bold stripes of color. I had expected it to be an allover print with the colors spread out semi-evenly.

    The remnant was only about a yard so I had just enough to cut the body with the aqua color on the bottom and to show flashes of aqua at each shoulder. I had to turn one of the sleeve pieces upside down to do it. Don't tell the "with nap" layout police!

  4. I love this idea! I might have to steal it :)

    By the way I have over 3 yards of the lace I used on my tank top, let me know if you'd like it, I got far too much. You can't beat those SAS prices.


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