Thursday, June 27, 2013

It was a good week

at the Lair of the Golden Bear, Camp Blue.

Mark read when he wasn't hiking.
 Iris and I cruised the creek when we weren't at the pottery/art grove.
 We did a little bit of paddle boarding, kayaking and mountain biking.  All three of us also read a lot.
On the way home, we stopped by the Twain Harte Market to purchase locally-produced wines that we can't find elsewhere. When we got out, we saw two other silver Toyota Sienna minivans parked alongside.
That reminds me of this photo of our other car.
Regrettably, we missed Ciclavia Iconic Wilshire Boulevard so that we could help Iris get settled into CTY (sleepaway) camp the day after we got home.  We got home around 6 PM Saturday, registration for CTY camp was the next morning.  I performed a heroic laundry feat to get everything unpacked, washed and repacked.  I'm not sure if anyone noticed; no one thanked me.


  1. your superpowers are: laundry, invisibility

    must be Supermom ;-)

  2. ah, MomLife. and hooray for CTY!

    what are you reading?

  3. I read Jane Eyre @camp. I'm now reading Alice Munro's The love of a good woman.

    Iris is studying cryptography and developing a color cipher.

  4. I can't easily go up and down the stairs any more,so Jim has to do all of the laundry now. He says it is endless; what was my secret? How did I work full time,raise two kids,sew garden and do all the laundry while he was travelling all the time for work?
    Mom super powers, same as you have. It's a shame it takes so long for anyone to notice.

  5. That would have been a lot of washing to do. What do you do really?

    Looks like you've picked a perfect spot to get away from it all.

    I hope you enjoy the wines.

  6. UM, I'm more focused on the Prius. Mine is white, and yes, I have to pay attention when I park or otherwise I try to drive a car that does not belong to me! Also grooving on the camping thing, since my husband and I are all set for Tuolumne Meadows tomorrow.

  7. That's why I made peace with driving a stickered-up car -- I can always recognize it!

    On the minus side, so can everyone else. So I get a lot of, "oh, I think I drove past your house the other day, because I saw the car."

    Alice Munro is awesome, I hope you are enjoying the book.


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