Thursday, June 13, 2013

Promotion Ceremony Dress

About a month ago, Iris started dropping hints that she wanted a new dress for the promotion ceremony (from middle school to high school). When I made Vogue 1224 for a friend's daughter last summer, Iris said it was a really cute dress and she would like one, too. I pulled out the pattern and we went through my stash until we agreed on this piece.

If you want to look thin, don't stand next to a sub-100# 12 year old.  Just saying.  I blurred out the other kids' faces, but the sample in this photograph is fairly representative of her school population.  (I'm wearing Burda 2011-02-101, originally shown in Make something out of silk month.)

I love the color and the print of this rayon/lycra jersey from SAS Fabrics.  It's a bit sheer, but I self-lined the skirt for opacity and added 6" to the hem.  I read that the new hem length is just below the knee; Iris is au courant.

We moved the hair out of the way to better show the back neckline.  I cut a straight size 8, but tightened up the neck elastic to raise the neckline.  The first time around, I was confused about how to sew the underarm area.  The second time around, the instructions made sense.  Rather than transfer the markings for the side stitching lines from the pattern, I put the dress on the recipient and marked stitching lines that would give a good fit and side coverage.  No gaposis here.

Old glasses.

New glasses.  Notice that the hair poufed up between morning and afternoon.

The sleek hair last night right after we came home from the salon.  With the high humidity of "June Gloom", we needed to give her hair a light once-over with a flat iron this morning.

My skin loves the humidity here.  My daughter's hair does not.

There was enough fabric left over to sew a top for me from Vogue 1020. Stay tuned.


  1. Pretty dress! Congratulations, Iris!

  2. You both look very cute. Congrats to Iris!!

  3. Congrats to Iris! And it is a beautiful dress.

  4. Super cute dress. Congrats!

  5. Anonymous16:49

    That dress is lovely, as is your daughter.

  6. Congratulations to Iris. She looks wonderful. I love her glasses. She looks so chic in that dress you made her.
    Your dress is beatiful. What a great Mum you are.


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