Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3 Days

Chunghua Road-style potstickers near San Francisco.
Sunset in Manhattan Beach (with coast guard helicopter) on dusk patrol.
Farewell to Mork in Boulder.
It's been a crazy-busy week dealing with family stuff and I am happy to be back at (paid) work.

Iris and I went through her wardrobe and threw out worn-out clothing (some from 2009!)  We also went through some of my old clothes; she received one dress, three skirts and a pair of sandals from my closet.  I bought her two dresses from Goodwill last Spring.  She and her BF bought one graphic-T each in a BOGO sale this summer.

A friend invited me to accompany her to an art fair in Boulder specifically to support one of her former students.  I purchased a graphic-T at a Boulder art fair from his booth.  My friend and I selected the same shirt design for our respective teenagers and didn't realize it until we went to pay.

Two of the hand-me-down skirts needed to be taken in a bit.  One of the thrifted dresses required a quick gaposis fix.   Another mom-made pair of shorts needed a minor repair.

Iris asked for three items to complete her back to school wardrobe:
  1. another olive skirt
  2. another black skirt
  3. a neutral or cool-toned pair of shorts
Would you believe I already possess all the necessary fabrics in my collection?

If I cut or sew a little bit each night, I should have them done before my next trip to CA.


  1. Oh My Goodness! a new place to try for potstickers! Thank you! ~ Rose

    1. The food there is really authentic. My mom went to school near Chunghua road in Taipei and she says that is really the way they make them at the street food markets there.

      However, I need to ask them to make everything low-sodium just so that it tastes normal to my palate.


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