Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Papyrus Lace Cardigan 2

Remember this teaser?

I found this lovely cotton mill end cone at Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins for $8 per one pound cone (1050 yds/pound). This cardigan took slightly less than one cone.

I was never happy with the droopy Papyrus Lace Cardigan, but thought the pattern deserved another go with a more appropriate yarn. I also knit it in pieces for droop-insurance at the side seams.

The swatch gauge is 17x24 and the pattern gauge is 16x24 so I knit one size up to get the fit I want with the thinner yarn. It worked perfectly.

I combination knit the body on size 7 needles and knit the sleeves in the round on size 8 needles.

Note the difference in texture between the aggressively blocked lace collar--which is open and flat--and the 3-dimensional cuffs, which were very lightly blocked. If I had knit the sleeves a wee bit shorter (and I had already shortened them 1” from the pattern), I could have blocked the sleeves more aggressively. As it is, the cuff hits me just a tad on the long side.

Please admire the neat tubular rib cast-on in a cotton with almost no elasticity.

The pattern uses a 1 st st selvedge, which would curl in this yarn. I tried a k1p1 selvedge, and it still curls slightly. Next time, I will try k1p1k1p1 selvedge for more anti-curl power. That’s the way my similar-weight cotton Eileen Fisher cardigan is finished.

I am aware that the teaser contains yet one more textile to be blogged.  The top and bottom pictures most accurately represent the color of the yarn.  Raveled here.

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  1. Oh, how gorgeous! The color is so rich and vibrant, and it compliments the pattern so well! Bravo!


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