Monday, August 11, 2014

Speaking of Simple

I cut up one of Bad Dad's frayed old button-down shirts and made another Vogue 8392. The fabric was a bit worn so I don't expect this top to last for long; I didn't put much effort into fine finishes this time.

I harvested the buttons before realizing that I needed to retain the button bands to be able to eke out the shirt body.  I wish that I had left the buttons on, but not enough to sew them back on.  ;-)
I left off the sleeves and bound the neck and arm openings with 2" wide self-bias strips, cut from one of the sleeves.  I lowered the armhole about 1/2" because I found the last one rather tight under the arms.  I lined the front with white cotton voile and serged the shoulder and side seams.  (The serged seams were hidden inside the layer of voile so they don't scratch.)  I reused the hems from the shirt.

There is a small hole at the corner of the pocket and a very weak line near the back waist.  If I feel ambitious, I might applique a yo-yo and bias stem.  But, I doubt I will find the mojo due to the reasons below.

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