Friday, August 15, 2014

Storm Clouds

I know that I've already shown you the view from my window, but I can't get enough of the ever-changing view.
I think I took this picture in June, when Boulder was at the peak of greenness. The scenery turned brown from the heat, and then regreened after the monsoonal rains arrived.


  1. That is a beautiful view!

  2. How gorgeous, and how I love Colorado, where I live. I bought my grandkids a little book about clouds and read in there that those fluffy clouds can go as high as ten miles.

    1. Yup, Colorado is for sky people.

      Did you know that 15% of the atmospheric and space scientists in the US work in Boulder? Or that an additional 1.5% work in Ft Collins?

      Cumulonimbus clouds can occasionally reach even higher than 10 miles in the tropics.
      Good link for kids:


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