Friday, August 22, 2014

Subliminal Messages

When Bad Dad visited, we speed-toured the Denver Art Museum's show of 20th Century Japanese prints. I raved about it and went back to see it again with a Boulder friend.

I was especially drawn to the work of Kiyoshi Saito; his repeated use of a tight color palette and wood-grain texture held particular appeal.
Clay Image by Kiyoshi Saito, 1952
I even purchased this book as a souvenir.
Perhaps there was a lingering subliminal effect because, two days later, I picked up this burgundy-red textured silk linen blend at Elfriede's Fine Fabrics' summer clearance sale.
I then dug through my stash until I found two remnants of black silk linen, purchased at Stone Mountain and Daughter and Thai Silks. I have 2 yards (44" wide) of the red and 1/2 yard each of the blacks. What should I make?

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  1. I love those fabrics! What popped in my head was a light kimono sleeved jacket and longer skirt, pieced to show off the contrasting colors and textures


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