Friday, August 08, 2014


Sunday was more relaxing and slower-paced, if you count hiking near the Continental Divide slow-paced. My ankles and I are healing, so I wasn't up for the full 3 mile uphill trek from the Buckingham campground and trailhead to Arapaho Pass. We went about half way--enough to enjoy fields of wildflowers and this waterfall.  View the video if you want to watch Bad Dad negotiate the wet rocks.

Enjoy the gratuitous wildflower photos.

Ho-hum.  Just another Colorado scene.

We didn't quite make it up above tree-line. Hopefully, next summer, my ankles and I will be stronger.

On the way back to Boulder, we stopped in one of my favorite stores, Nature's Own in Nederland, for some singing magnets.  I also bought a Tanzanite pendant for myself (way cheaper than in Tanzania---go figure).

Not sure about Ironman traffic*, we drove directly to some friends' home for dinner. Their daughter is about to leave for college.  IMHO no dorm room is complete without singing magnets.  I don't know about you, but I'm fidgety when I study. However, keep those magnets away from your phone and computer!

* The participants we saw near the finish line looked grim and determined, but not like they were having fun.

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