Sunday, July 19, 2015

Absorba 6

Iris asked for a sunset colored room and bathroom. We started by painting the bathroom a golden yellow. I had some bright sunset and ocean color cotton yarns.

As with Absorba 1-5, I used 2 strands instead of the 3 of the pattern instructions. Absorba 5 was the only one I made log cabin-style and it was not as square as the others, which were in courthouse steps-style. So I went back to courthouse steps.

I cast on 16 stitches with a size 8 needle and knit 20 rows (10 ridges) in pink, 2 rows in white, 32 rows in turquoise for a squarish shape, 2 rows white, 20 rows pink.

I kept the stitches “live” on stitch holders or an extra circular needle. This avoids the bulk created by cast-off and then picked-up stitches.

I outlined each section with 2 rows or 1 ridge of white for a crisp look. Each log layer, I picked up an additional 12 stitches (10 ridges in color, plus 1 stitch for each white stripe) on each side.

She likes it.  I like it.  My yarn collection is lighter by 500g.  Win all around.

Raveled here.

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