Saturday, July 18, 2015

Past and present

I'm in LA after 5 days at the Asilomar conference center. No, we rarely saw blue skies last week. The fog broke for about 15 minutes on two days, but it was gray the rest of the time. I took this screen shot from the Asilomar website.
The dining hall hostess steered us to the right or left sides of the room according to the conference we were attending.  To the right, my current work with The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners Summer 2015 Meeting. To the left, my PhD research field, Dynamics of Molecular Collisions XXV.

I crossed the line to say hello to old colleagues.  I stood in the lunch line near the professor that taught me graduate Quantum Mechanics and for whom I served as a teaching assistant for undergraduate Quantum Mechanics.  It looks like both meetings were fruitful.

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