Sunday, April 17, 2016

Data Thinking Before Data Crunching

Years ago, I was a data analyst and subject matter expert.  Now that Data Scientist is the job description du jour, I rebranded myself.

Rebranding really works.  My online resumes generated a lot more views, though I remained substantively the same person, with the same skills, education and experience.


Anyway, my pet peeve is how fixated interviewers are about how much data you've crunched, instead of how well you did it.

I really, really, really like my job as a data specialist and educator.  In case you wonder why a forty-something married mother would move away from her family for a job that barely pays enough to run a second household and fly home, I thought I would show you a sample of my work.

I posted my slides and notes for a recent talk, Data Thinking Before Data Crunching, given to a mixed audience of students, working software developers and scientists-data providers.

I help people use data optimally with the (IMHO) most pressing big data use case facing the world--weather and climate.

It's a good thing that the computer-based work (and my management) allows me to work from my LA home part of the time.


  1. Yes, I'm a data analyst and it is a very uninspiring job title. I might consider a rebrand next time I'm looking.
    It's great to know more about what you do. I'm off to read your presentation!

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  3. Oops - the link in the text takes me to a previous post of yours, and the slide is just an image. Can you repost a link to the presentation? I'm keen to see it as thinking before crunching is a constant theme of mine.


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