Friday, October 21, 2016

Your Colorado Voter Guides

Hey, that's me, a volunteer!
This week, I've been walking around my precinct distributing the BoCoDems 2016 Voter Guide.
This Voter Guide was dropped off at your door, or mailed to you by a neighborhood volunteer!"
It's a long ballot, with many Ballot Issues.   By press time, the BoCoDems had made recommendations on all but 4 of the initiatives.

Once again, my Colorado friend has written a well-considered guide to the issues.  To learn more, go to Colorado and Boulder Ballot Issues.

The two guides differ on Boulder County Issues 1B & 1C and BVSD Issue 3A.  So please read them and make up your own mind.

As long as I have your attention, vote the down-ticket races.  If you don't vote, then someone else decides for you.  Moreover, you won't get national candidates that you are happy with unless you give them experience at the local level.  Get civically-engaged.  Convince your friends and family to become civically-engaged.

We have a presidential candidate for a major party that says very dangerous things about minorities, women, the disabled and climate scientists.  This election hits very close to home.  If nothing else, please vote to protect me.


  1. Anonymous03:53

    thanks for taking such a positive tone, and positive steps. I so wish it was OVER.


    1. @ceci Elections are measurements. And I think the process has shown us that there is a lot of stuff we need to work on as a society. I'm afraid we are just getting started. I am glad that we have a grown up capable of hard work on the top of the ballot.


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