Thursday, November 17, 2016

Big Data, Big Planet

I wrote Big Data, Big Planet for UCARConnect explaining what I do to K-12 teachers and high school students.

Climate reconstruction with atmospheric rivers, including the one that flooded one third of Los Angeles in 1938.

The November 2016 issue of UCARConnect is all about Data: The Currency of Science.

Animation from The atmospheric river that caused the Los Angeles flood of 1938.


  1. every time I wonder if I have finally achieved "big data" bc my laptop is getting slightly warm crunching some numbers, I look here and the answer is "no"

  2. I wonder how much more climate/weather data could be understood if a system like they are using to search for life in space. Where people sign up their computers to work while they are not cruising for cute cat and dog videos or shopping.

    I finally just read how much math & science education you have. Awesome! My possible DIL likes math, signed up for accounting in community college and HATED it. I encouraged her to go for an actual math degree instead, and she asked what she could do with that. All I could think of is software engineering (at work we have quite a few with only math degrees) and teacher. I know there's more, but keep coming up with blanks. Is there anywhere reliable to look for information, I seem to be finding mostly "send us money..." sites. Obviously my search terms could use some improvement!

    1. SETI at home already exists.

      It may not be your search terms, it may be the way that search engines, which are really ad companies, have categorized you. Try an incognito window and repeat the search with the exact same search terms. You may very well get different results based upon how the ad companies have categorized you.

      I get different results from you. Even my husband, also a PhD in science, gets different search results than mine.

      Tell me what you are searching on and send a screenshot of what you get in response to badmomgoodmom at

  3. Thanks for putting this into words for me to explain about my cool, smart sewing friend and how much I admire all her work. I am working at helping a little girl improve her reading skills and will share some of this with her mom, too.

    1. Please also show the little girl math should be hard for everyone. If it is not, then they are lying.


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