Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Home district

One of the things I miss about moving my legal residence from LA to Boulder is my congressman, Ted Lieu.  The first time I met him, he was in the CA state assembly and had just voted against the law making it illegal to harvest shark fins.  Amazingly enough, I found myself next to him at a meeting at my daughter's school.  Naturally, I asked him why he voted that way.

He proceeded to say that he voted against it because it was discriminatory.  Why does it criminalize only shark fin and not other uses of sharks?  That penalizes Chinese people over other people that kill and harass sharks.  He wrote and submitted another bill that treats all parts of sharks equally.

It takes a special person to convince me in less than 2 minutes that I was wrong and should change my position.

If you are on twitter and don't follow @tedlieu, you are missing out.

Today, I found out that congressional district CA 33 is special for another reason. Take a look at the % of new mortgages that are over $750,000 by CA congressional districts. CA 33, Coastal LA county has larger new mortgages than San Francisco and Silicon Valley (CA 12, 14, 17, 18.) 
In terms of unaffordability, CA 33 edges out Palo Alto (18) and San Francisco (12). 

Well, at least Silicon Beach has nicer weather and more polite people.


  1. I hope that I’m one of the nice people in District 18. :)

    Rose in SV

  2. Hi. I tried to find your email because I really wanted to ask you to start blogging again and hear more from you. As I kept reading your blog I loved it more and more and more. I love that you're not afraid to talk politics, waste,data, feminism and sewing all in one.

    To me sewing has always been political and it's refreshing to see someone discuss it as openly as you.

    I'm native American and trans so these issues are a daily occurrence in my life and not something I can often set aside just to make sewing fun. I have to think about what gender I must sew for depending on what toilet I want to use that day, I have to make sure my prints to make me read as 'drunk indian' even though I love geometric shapes and beads.

    It just means a lot to me to see someone on a sewing blog address these issues. Address textile waste. Address economic failures.

    I'm going to school soon for Fashion but decided to major in economics for this exact reason. Not capitalist economics; I want to work on reducing textile waste and social economics while in fashion. I say this because it shows how much I relate to what you write and say.

    You are a great mom and a funny one and I really hope you post more. :) Hope life is okay!


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