Friday, January 13, 2006

Hipness Redux

In response to Maribeth. I guess I should make it clear that I objected to the tone of the article, not the people described in the article. In fact, the family described seemed quite nice. They didn't mention hipness. The reporter brought it up, and brought it up tastelessly. Very unhip.

I, too, like mid-century modern furniture. I have danish modern teak chairs in my family room. I rescued one from a dumpster while in graduate school. I received the other as a present from my inlaws who developed a taste for scandanavian teak furniture while living in Sweden in the fifties. I bought some vaguely asian fabric with elephants on it from the $2 fabric store in Bellflower, then took it to an upholsterer to have new cushions made. So I do decorate in a vaguely asian, modern esthetic. I just don't understand why someone would want their house to look like a museum. Why not buy furniture made by today's designers?

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