Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Modern "At Home" Mom

Caitlin Flanagan does get it.
"Sometimes people say, 'Caitlin Flanagan, your life doesn't really matter. You don't stand for a lot of people,' " she said. "No. I don't. But I'm trying … to understand the things that are going on in my day-to-day life in this larger context of … history [People say] 'She's so hypocritical!' And I'm trying to say, 'That's what the book is about.' It's a kind of life, a way of life that's wrought with divergent conflicting impulses."
You can read more in yesterday's LA Times article. I was let down by her admission that she toned down the "How Serfdom Saved the Women's Movement" essay for her upcoming book. I like it when she says crazy and provocative things! I don't know if I will read her book; I am wading through Are Men Necessary? but the latest Ruth Rendell book is tugging at me...

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