Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Cold Hard Truth

Mark spent a large part of today cataloging his DVD collection on Click here for the full list. Up until now, he didn't know how many he owned. In his defense, he says that the boxed sets are overcounted because the boxes count as one entry. E.g., a 7 DVD boxed set would be cataloged as 8 items. He told me (only half tongue-in-cheek) to keep buying fabric so he won't feel so badly. He blames Warner Brothers.

[For some reason, the link gives the collection in the reverse of data entry. Click "title" to see the alphabeticized list.]

Anecdote about WB branding:
When Iris was 22 months old, we showed her the first Harry Potter movie. (Yes, that was kind of young for a PG movie, so maybe we should rename this blog badparents.) We showed her Annie Get Your Gun shortly after HP1. As soon as the WB logo came onscreen, she excitedly called out, "Harry Potter!" After the initial disappointment of not seeing HP1 again, AGYG became her favorite movie. She asked for it by saying, "I want to see not Harry Potter!"

AGYG aka NHP was replaced in her affections when she was 2 1/2 by the movie Chicago. (Relax, we only showed her the musical numbers.) You should have seen the expressions on people's faces when she told them that her favorite movie was Chicago. Have you ever seen a toddler sing "Cellblock Tango?" Pop, six, squish, uh-uh, Cicero, Lifschitz. Whenever she got upset, we would call out, "Pop". She would respond with a six. Then we replied squish... It calmed her down and worked for months.


Mark's collection has surpassed the next centennial. We will have to add on to our house to hold them all.

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  1. Anonymous12:46

    Houston enjoys musicals too. Perhaps I'll use your dodge and only show the songs from Chicago to him.

    We recently tried Westside Story and although he wanted to skip the mushy parts, it was a success both for him and for me.

    Other favorites are Grease, Stomp! Aloud, Tap Dogs, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

    I'm wondering if I should try Hairspray. ;-)


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