Saturday, June 09, 2007

Jacaranda Season

I took a picture of my favorite Jacaranda tree last week. It is one block south of the shipping container house I blogged about earlier. It sounds cool when I tell people I live in an urban infill neighborhood. I live in a two story townhouse sandwiched between a 2-story apartment building and a one-story house.

But think about how the people in the original one-story houses feel when a three-story house, stretching right up to the 5 feet setback, goes up next to them. There is an alley behind the two new tall buildings. What is the excuse for putting the garage and ocean of concrete in front?

If you came from the Dream Home Diaries Blog, you may want to view a discussion about Atlantic Hurricanes and Anna Maria Island. Or more about Shipping Containers.


  1. It looks cooler all lit up.

  2. Redondo Rick17:28

    call the architect and ask. that would be the simple solution. i can't believe that someone would place a three car garage into a new house without thinking about where it would be best located, but what do i know???