Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Iris' favorite color is gold. We live, after all, in 'the Golden State'. So take a look at Studio Forbes' blog entry and slide show in celebration of gold (and orange). I am especially smitten with the photo below. (Click to make the photo large enough to see the pulley contraption in detail.)

Anyone here know where I can buy one of these laundry pulley thingys stateside? If you believe the realtors, and the home owners' associations in cahoots with them, visible laundry lines bring down property values. Mark and I want to do our part to keep Los Angeles affordable.

Aside: Iris passed her Tae Kwon Do belt test yesterday. She is now an orange belt with black stripes. She has markedly improved her skills and attitude since last spring, when she failed a belt test. Mr Anton (Kasabov) has a genius for bringing out the best in kids. I just wish his official website was viewable in Firefox. IE and Safari work, though.

If you are a design hound, you may want to visit the Studio Forbes blog of Design Within Reach founder, Rob Forbes. I don't always agree with him, but his blog makes good reading.

I am still at home, still sick. The leaves outside our bedroom window are turning gold. I will take a photo and post it later.


  1. Thanks for the design blog link, Grace. My husband is Italian so we do have many opportunities to go there, but are usually confined to a 30 mile radius around his hometown when we go which is really frustrating sometimes.

    Your daughter has such sophisticated tastes. When I was a kid, I probably liked pink or purple. Gold, now that's different! ;)

  2. Anonymous19:59

    Love the pictures, and the link to the design blog. That looks like an interesting thing to explore.

    Geesh, I would love one of those pulley thingys too, even though I am sure someone in the town would have a conniption at the thought of my using it where it might mar some tourist's view from the river.

    Hope you start feeling better soon.

  3. Why don't you make one of those clotheslines? 2 angle brackets, four pulleys, two turnbuckles, and cord. Bolt it to the wall and presto!

  4. Because Mark and I both dropped out of engineering school after one year and switched to science! Want to come over and show us how it is done?

  5. West Marine for the pulleys. The rest, as bam says, is easy. Based on the brackets on the right side, the trick is to make sure you get the bolts into a stud. :)


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