Sunday, November 11, 2007

LAX Insomnia

In case you, too, are wide awake, listening to jet aircraft noise, you might find these links useful.

LAX Noise Complaint Form is really hard to find from the airport website.
LAX Airport Monitor lets you view a map of the area with all planes in the vicinity. It is animated so you can see planes appear and disappear as they take off and land. All flights from near real time up the the past 3 months are viewable.

From the airport monitor, I can see that flights went directly overhead at 3000' and 3200' in the past hour. They should be flying at a minimum of 4000'. I reported them.

We normally don't hear jet traffic from LAX because the planes take off to the west, toward the ocean. However, we sometimes here them when they reverse the pattern. The wind is currently coming out of the east so aircraft takes off toward the east. The planes that went overhead then turned clockwise to head out over the ocean.

Why are they running the north LAX runway in the normal (take off toward the west) pattern and the south LAX runway in the reverse (take off toward the east) pattern? Weirdly, they are also allowing planes to land on the south runway in the normal pattern (toward the west). That requires flawless coordination and execution.

There goes another one.

At least it isn't a summer weekend with all those banner towing aircraft, circling the beach. Let's boycott all the businesses that advertise that way.


  1. Ooh, that sucks!

    When we bought our house in OKC we knew it was only a mile or so from the airport, but we went to the neighborhood at all kinds of different hours of the day and night and sat there for an hour or so to check it out. We heard a couple but they weren't too bad. So we bought the house.

    A month or so after we bought the house, they started doing some work on the runways at Tinker AFB and sent the AWACs, etc to practice taking off and landing from the runways on the north side of the airport. Suddenly, we had these HUGE AWAC airplanes flying really low over the house ALL.THE.TIME. We're talking 5-10 an hour for 12 hours straight.

    AWAC planes are so loud they literally scream. I had a 1 year old and a 3 year old at the time. I couldn't let them play outside because the decible level was so high I was afraid it would cause hearing damage. If we happened to be outside for some reason, I'd cover the baby's ears and make the 3yo cover his.

    After they finished their work at Tinker, it got better. But it had been such a success using the airport's runways, that they added it as a training excercise. So we would have 5-6/day (a lot better than the 100/day). When they flew over, you couldn't hear the tv and if you were on the phone you had to yell "I'll call you back when this has passed" because they couldn't hear you and you couldn't hear them.

    And airshows?! Eek! Dive bombers practiced over our neighborhood. I was such a nervous wreck, I would pack the kids up and go visit my MIL until the show was over.

    I hope you can get it resolved. It sucks enough as it is, they don't have to be breaking regulations and making it worse!

  2. Rumor / speculation:

    I have been told that there's a possible fine against the airline if it is verified that flights are too low. The problem is that the fine can't be assessed if the destination airport is foreign. (I don't know why this is). That's why you see a lot of foreign carriers playing games with the take off restrictions. Apparently Quantas is particularly bad.

  3. I will have to ask my neighbor about that. He works for Quantas and the planes are probably just as loud at his house.

    Overall, it isn't too bad. We rarely notice that we live so close to the world's 5th busiest airport--except for the automobile traffic on the 405.


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