Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Writing Maternity muses about her ambivalence towards the whole princess thing. When her girls are older, she can look forward to Pixel Chix! Iris received this as a present last weekend. Otherwise, I would have never let this into my house. Breathe deeply. Serenity now.


  1. Anonymous21:49

    Oh. my. god.

  2. Anonymous07:16

    Arghhh! Toxic waste.

  3. Anonymous08:27

    Work, earn, SPEND??!! LOL!! I say "re-gift!"

  4. Anonymous08:56

    I love the tie-in between "work, earn, spend" and "great 2-in-1 value." Work, earn, spend your money ON THIS TOY. And what does “2-in-1” mean anyway? It suggests a bargain along the lines of "2-for-1" but seems actually only to mean that this is a toy with two parts.

    I actually know about this thing already since my four year old daughter (4 years-in-1) has an older friend who has one. And my daughter has asked for one several times – sigh. Despite the fact that in my darker (and more Marxist) moments I believe my worth as a wage-slave in the capitalist economy can be summed up with exactly these words -- work, earn, spend (then die) -- I'm pretty appalled.

  5. It took me a while to figure out what the point of this toy was. It really doesn't seem that fun.

  6. Anonymous06:55

    I am so glad my son doesn't really comprehend ownership yet. Sometimes it's a pain (No, that's Lauren's toy, you have to give it back) but mostly it lets me get rid of junk like this when people give it to him.

    Though if it were a boy toy it would have a NASCAR theme and possibly some weapons.

    I'm so sorry you have to live with that thing.


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