Sunday, November 18, 2007

Minimalist Camera Case

Our subcompact camera is too small for the smallest generic camera case I could find. Consequently, I often carry it around without a padded case. Not optimal. I looked through my stash of felted thrift store sweaters until my eye fell on a nice plum one. I had the perfect vintage green button to complement it.

I stitched the felt into a snug, but not tight, case. Then I sewed a buttonhole with my new sewing machine. (I had to futz around with the settings a little bit because the felt is so thick and slightly stretchy.) Lastly, I stitched through the bottoms perpendicular to the sides at roughly the thickness of my camera. (Look at the diagram in step 5 of the Classic Open Tote instructions for help.) The bulk gives extra cushioning at the corners-just what I wanted.

With 20/20 hindsight, I should have made the buttonholes prior to stitching the side seam. Live and learn. Next up, a new laptop case. I might break out my new Bernina Decorative Needle Punch Accessory. Look at the cool things someone with more time can do with it.

I finished both sleeves of the lace cardigan. Pictures will be posted after I set in the sleeves and sew the hooks and eyes in.


  1. Does your camera fit in an Altoids container? That was one selling point for a friend, a couple years back.

  2. People do all sorts of amazing hacks with Altoids tins. Unfortunately, our camera is just a tad too large for that. I wanted a padded case that scrunched up small, anyway.

  3. Robb has a camera in an Altoids container. I always get a little mad when he whips it out, because I get excited for a moment that I might be able to bum some Altoids, but it's just a camera. Sigh.

  4. Anonymous14:27

    oh cool! camera cases would be a good use of these:
    I tell you, if we had a sense of humor, we'd order these and have a contest for the best usage of the ..uh.. product.


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