Monday, March 01, 2010

Berkeley Foodies

I have written about Berkeley food in Full Days and Food Memories. Now read the LA Times travel article, A foodie tour of Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto.

Click through to Planning your trip to learn about other food tours, including the one I have to take someday,
I Can't Believe I Ate My Way Through Chinatown! Bay Area native Shirley Fong-Torres has been offering this three-hour tour from Wok Wiz for more than 25 years. Cost is $90, which includes lunch. (650) 355-9657,
I once went to a party at a students' rented home on Cedar, a block east of Shattuck. The backyard vegetable garden was unbelievably lush. I asked which housemate had the green thumb. They replied that none of them were gardeners. Alice Waters rented their backyard from the landlord; her gardener came over to tend the plants and her chef came over to pick the produce. Apparently, she rented yards all over the neighborhood. Now that's a locavore!


  1. Marie-Christine03:51

    I have friends whose teenager is at a local high school where they grow the veggies organically, and then Chez Panisse chefs come over to help them cook those veggies for the school cafeteria.
    Poor things, nobody will accept an invitation any more if the daughter is not part of the deal :-)..

  2. Now you've done it - I just told my husband, "That's it, we're moving back to Berkeley."

  3. @Marie-Christine
    Or, they can get the Chez Panisse vegetables cookbook. Our dinner fare has improved since we got the book and signed up for a CSA.