Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day 2010

It seems like more stories run about the so-called Oscar curse (debunked here) and a tattooed other woman than about World Water Day.  (Though WWD did get more coverage in the US press than International Women's Day.)

This month, I had the pleasure of hearing Esther Duflo talk about Experiments, Science, and the War Against Poverty.  She opened her presentation with some context.  Millions of people die every year from preventable diseases; billions more suffer needlessly.  The death toll in Haiti from the earthquake in January is equal to the number of people worldwide who die every 8 days from poverty and lack of access to simple things like clean water, clean food, basic medicines and mosquito nets.

In honor of World Water Day, here are a couple of links:
Please walk your watershed and share your experiences. Leave a comment with your discoveries.

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