Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back From Camp 2010

We are back from Lair, caught up with laundry and unpacked (mostly).
The wildflowers were disappointing. Breathing Treatment went week 2 (late June) and the flowers hadn't peaked yet. Another coworker went week 4 (early July) and said the wildflowers were the best since 2005-6. They looked past their peak in week 6, July 17-24.

We saw some lupines by the highway near Camp Blue; many DYCs on hikes and DWCs in camp. DYC/DWC is the scientific name for damn yellow/white composite. (Damned if I can key it!)  I painted a DWC tile to commemorate 2010. The yellow iris is from 2009. You can see other Lair commemorative tiles in A Sense of Place and Back from Camp.

We moved from week 2 to week 6, due to Iris' school and camp schedule.  We managed to keep our favorite cabin by the creek.  Coincidentally, our next door neighbors in both weeks are Stanford alums that never attended Cal.  They left their red shirts at home to better blend in.  ;-)

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