Thursday, July 29, 2010

Down at the Creek

Lair means hanging out at the creek and wearing tie-dye (and being eaten by mosquitoes).  Our creekside location virtually guarantees we will be bitten, but we love our cabin anyway.  We spent an entire morning, sitting on our secret flat rock in the middle of the creek, playing with watercolors.  Don't tell the EPA, but we cleaned our brushes when switching colors by dipping them in the creek.

At Camp Blue, there are different neighborhoods, each with their pros and cons.  We've nicknamed them "beachfront" (creekside), "theater district" (campfire area) and no one name has stuck for the hillside.  Some people like "the heights", some like "hillside village", others don't like village and call it "hillside estates"; but I like "azure heights".  What do you think?


  1. Thanks for inviting me along!

  2. I'm glad you made it. I've now become so enamored with first week that I'd find it hard to switch, though I know you had no choice in the matter this year.