Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My little constitutional scholar

Iris said that she caught a violation of the first amendment in her Holt California Social Studies workbook (page 33 of World History, sixth grade).

See her take on the issue.

She has a long history regarding this issue.

Her father's daughter
My house will never be in House Beautiful

Is a ten year old that thinks this way a desirable or undesirable draft pick?

Read her father's take On Confederate Flags and the Pledge of Allegiance.


  1. Marie-Christine02:42

    I'll take a 10-year-old who even thinks about the constitution over anyone of any age who does not.. And especially when I agree with her analysis :-).

  2. She is absolutely right. Kudos to Iris for even noticing. She is MY number one draft pick. My son (now age 20) carries a pocket constitution in his backpack, as he says "just in case".

  3. We need all kids be like Iris - at least have her critical thinking skills. And I think she is right about Greek gods. I always thought that Greek pantheon of moody gods and goddesses explains our irrational and chaotic life much better than any monotheistic religion.

  4. This is awesome. Yeah, Iris!